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Private Hire

Living in Zurich, Switzerland and originally from London, United Kingdom; Jonny is a fun, respectful and creative magician with 20 years of performance experience. Jonny did his first magic show at age 13 and has been growing his passion ever since. By age 15 he was inventing and releasing his own magic tricks to distributers throughout the UK.

At 18 years old Jonny secured his first part-time magic residency at Cafe Rouge restaurant in Birmingham, United Kingdom, performing twice weekly over a three year period. While studying material science at the University of Birmingham I performed more than 500 shows on the side, growing his part-time hobby into a full-time career. After completing a Masters of Science at the University of Birmingham he moved to London to build a career in magic.

Over the next 6 years he continued to work as a professional magician in London while launching side projects in dance tuition and a start-up company for education technology (ed-tech) services. Throughout all these additional activities his love for performing magic was consistent and led him to meet celebrities, perform at five star venues, and work for many well known companies and brands.

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